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by   glenn   doty
- "Didn't Myra McClure or her ..."

by   Betty Lou   Gray Smith
- "I don't think Myra or her ..."

by   Doty   Faulls
- "I worked there delivering ..."

Kinny's Market, Van Buren Street

This from Marty Feldner: Charlie Mondello's shoe shop, and Kinney's Market.
22 years ago, my wife and I bought Charlie Mondello's house (next to the tracks, natch!). The shoe repair shop was part of the property. About two years back, we had the exterior painted. Somewhat reluctantly- "Shoe Repair" was still visible painted on the right side wall, facing Factory Street.
Kinney's Market was across the street. Sometime in the mid seventies, Charlie Mondello bought the building, and ran the market with his wife for a few years before opening his Deli on Main Street (now Russell's Deli). Kinney's is now apartments.
Kinney's Market was one of the neighborhood grocery stores around Warwick at the time.
In the early sixty's, as a teenager, I had paper route that covered this area. Charlie Mondello was a customer, as was Clarence Kinney (at his home on the corner of Wheeler and McEwen).
Saturday was collection day. I timed it so I'd hit this area somewhere around noontime, about midway in the route. On nice days, I'd stop in Kinney's, pick up something to eat, ride my bike around the corner to the L&HR office building on River Street, and sit on the grass for an hour or so watching the action in the yards. As you know, at the time, the activity in the yards was constant. LOTS to watch!
Looking back, for a young railfan (we didn't use the word then...), it didn't get much better. Growing up in Warwick then in general didn't get much better.
Enough blathering for tonight.
Marty Feldner
KC2DPC email- A Lehigh & Hudson River Ry. Scrapbook-

Thanks Marty, for this special look at life in Warwick. I too remember watching the trains from the bank of grass outside of the L&H Office. ... from Roy Elston's Storefront Gallery

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Orange, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Betty Lou Gray Smith -
I don't think Myra or her mother worked there but they lived in the little white house in back of the store on Factory St.

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