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by   pam   martino - mulholland
- "hello to all who knew my ..."

by   Jean   Doyle (MNTurney)
- "I shall ALWAYS remember Jeannie ..."

by   peggy elston   smith
- "Hi Pam and lorney, so glad ..."

by   Andy   Myers
- "My wife and I were deeply ..."

by   jill   ayers moering
- "Jean was my mother, Dora ..."

I remember Jean as an all-around WSH girl who lived up the street from our family home on Cottage Street in the mid-1940s.

Larry Martino, Jean's husband recently sent the following note to the guestbook page: From:

This is to let you know that Jean Brown Martino passed away on Jan.7, 2002 from a long and courageous battle with cancer.
... from

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, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Andy Myers -
My wife and I were deeply saddened by the death of Jean Brown Martino on Jan 7, 2002. Again we extend our sincerest sympathy to the Martino family. Jean was a "Cottage street" childhood buddy and classmate of mine from grade school at High Street (1939) through high school (1951 class). My memories of Jean include playing hide and seek on Cottage street, fixing a hot dog on a stick at our hut near big rock in the stone quarry property behind McEwen street, and killing lightning bugs for finger rings on Fred Schreibers flower garden lot across from my house on 8 Cottage Street. In the winter we played monopoly, (probably a prelude to her bridge master days), made snowbank caves, ice skated on Hagens pond,and ski jumped in the small hills near the pond. In the fall we rode bicycles and played in the leaves before they were burned. We sorely miss Jean, her good humor, and philosophy found in her letters, Christmas cards, and birthday cards that we exchanged for the last twenty years.

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