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by   Bob   Feagles
- "This picture was taken at ..."

by   Fred   Wilcox
- "Bob, you are looking a bit ..."

by   john   winchester
- "liz email me at ..."

by   Phyllis   Beairsto
- "LIZ,..."

by   Phyllis   Beairsto
- "Liz, Where are you?Drop ..."

by   Phyllis   Beairsto
- "..."

by   Phyllis   Beairsto
- "I've tried to email you and ..."

by   Leroy   Boddy
- "Hello, I am looking for a ..."

Ruthie, Bob and Liz Feagles, circa 2002, looking not unlike the those Feagles kids of the fifties that we all remember. Pine Island natives, always happy and handsome, still. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Fred Wilcox -
Bob, you are looking a bit chubby around the middle but your sister looks as pretty as I remember. She was one of the reasons I came to your house so often when we were youngsters. But don't tell her that.

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