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by   Jack   Collins
- "I'm the first person in the mi"

by     Ed Winchester
- "I remember you Jackie, and you"

by     Jackie Collins
- "Thanks, Eddie. So sorry for y"

Got a note from Shirley Sinsapaugh Conklin's son Gar, about this photo.
    He writes:
My mom Shirley (Sinsabaugh) Conklin was in this Class, she’s in the first row, second from left. She says it was First grade 1942. As for the others:
BacK Row: Timmy Teabout, Charles Conklin, Willaim Lewis, Jack Kniffin, James Smith, Mrs. Cramer Middle Row: Jackie Collins, Mike Webber, Monty Beers, John Winchester, Harold Brown, Walter White, (?Unknown First Name) Shaw Front Row: Marilyn Rudy, Shirley Sinsabaugh, Katherine Lillard, Jane Kintz, Gloria Ryerson, Justina Earlis

Thanks Gar, Shirley.

I initially thought this was High Street but brother John has corrected me. Now it's confirmed as Hamilton Avenue School. Also, John will be happy to know his teacher's name since as I said, he claimed to be in love with her at this point in his life, age 7. Her name was Mrs. Cramer according to Shirley. Sorry John, she was married. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Jackie Collins -
Thanks, Eddie. So sorry for your loss and mine. If you would like to follow up with me on e-mail, my address is Nice to hear from you. Take care.

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