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by   Denise   Crover Neilson
- "Hello... I think the woman ..."

Walt and Caroline Crover Nicoll along with family and friends. I recognize some but not all of those pictured.

Looks like Karen Coates on the far left. Can't make out the girl next to her, but it must be Caroline Crover Nicoll. The two Williams sisters Pat and Barbara to the right of Walt Nicoll holding the baby (Walt's?). Bruce Nicholl on the far right. Fred Wilcox and Art Houghtaling in the rear.

It does look like a very young Joyce Coates along with the youngest Nicholl boy, in the front. The little girl in the middle, kneeling, must be the younger Nicoll girl.

A handsome group - all.

I hope I have the names right. Please email any corrections. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Denise Crover Neilson -
Hello... I think the woman on the far left next to Caroline might actually be my mother Neva Crover. (The lovely hair kerchief was a favorite of hers.) I'm not sure the children are named correctly - my Niccoll cousins are actually relatively close in age: Doug, David and Dawn - the boy and girls seated must be older cousins and the baby could in fact be Dawn Niccoll - Walt's daughter

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