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by   Betty Lou   Gray-Smith
- "The diner in the picture ..."

by   Bryan   Godfrey
- "I'm trying to contact Mr. ..."

by     Rhonda Planson
- "The Oakland Diner was moved up"

by   Ed   Winchester
- "Seriously, upstate? I don't th"

by     Sofia Sandberg
- "Hi there We have just check"

This precious picture was submitted by Greg Brown. It was taken on Easter Sunday, 1945, most likely by dad, Cle. Peg Brown is the proud mom, with two year old Greg on the front walk of 9 Oakland Ave.
Notice the Diner, sign and gleaming roof, in the background at right. The sign reads


Booth Service

Greg says, that according to a recent Dispatch Looking Back Column Bertha's opened in February of 1945.

I'm curious about Warwick diners. I remember another that was between the Dispatch building and Heiblim's and I think, if I look closely, I can see it in this photo. But what was its name? see note from Walt Seely, below And Bertha's. Did that move across the street some years later, as Greg suggests, giving way to the Warwick Auto showroom?
      Another interesting detail of this picture is the marquee board proclaiming today's feature movie, visible at the entrance to the Oakland Theatre.

    re. the name of the old diner: This from Walt Seely 4/10/2000
"You wondered about the old diner between the Dispatch bldg. and Harry Heiblim's store- it was run by Felix Adler for many years and was the only one at that time. A very popular, busy place. I can remember Hank Lamoreoux and many other teachers having their lunch there. They also drew a large movie crowd from the Oakland theatre. The one across the street was moved in about the time mentioned and was owned by John and Bertha Lucha who previously owned the diner down in Goshen at the intersection of 17 and 17A. Just a little catching up. Hope it helps." Walt Seely

Great job Walt

See Terry Hann's Warwick Historical Structures site for articles about the opening and closing of the Oakland Theatre - plus much more.
... from Greg Brown

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Ed Winchester -
Seriously, upstate? I don't think so, but I guess anything is possible. What makes you think this?

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