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by   W   Seely
- "I'm pretty sure the year ..."

by   Matilda Carotenuto (maiden name)   Lipscomb
- "In Feburary 1941 I came to ..."

I'm not sure when the High School that we all knew was constructed. I'm inclined to say early thirties as I see the 1935 football squad pictured in The History of Warwick Football with the school in the background. Regardless it was as the caption says, "A Modern High School"

This wonderful postcard was provided by Sue Gardner, Local History Librarian at Wisner Library. Click to access Warwick Valley Facts and History ... from Sue Gardner

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Matilda Carotenuto (maiden name) Lipscomb -
In Feburary 1941 I came to Warwick to teach at the high school. Roy Epting was principal and Tom Shost was vice principal. There was a chunky gal named Isabelle Paddock in the office at the time. I was hired to teach business math, typing and civics, but when the war broke out and many of our good men were obliged to leave, I taught other things...I seem to recall filling in for Henry Lamoureux (sp?) in History, and someone else whose name I cannot remember for English. It's surprising I remember any of them considering this was 65 years ago. I also remember Herb Baum who taught agriculture and Joe Green who taught commercial subjects. And I'll never forget my first meeting with my homeroom when there were FOUR little Quackenbushes, one behind the other...all from Bellvale (sp?). I remember the day during a study hall period when a sweet boy presented me with a pass to sign so he could leave the room. The name on the pass was John Paul Jones, and I accused him of "trying to be funny". Strange I remember so many of the young boys, but not a single girl. In the picture of the Hi-Y group, I knew Jones plus Donald Vail, Charley Koar, Ed Phinney, Walt Seelky. I knew Koar, Vail and Jones the best because we started a Poster Club together....and when I directed the Christmas program and the Ballad for Americans, they helped with with them. I boarded with Mrs. Still and her daughter Beebe at 15 and a half Cottage Street (I think that was the name of the street). We became very good friends and I was Beebe's maid of honor when she married Harry Pinckney, another lovely human being who died recently. I had graduated from New York University in June of 1940. I was only 19 at the time, so I was barely 20 when I came to Warwick to teach. There was a young man named Eugene Wright who must have been almost my age. (to be continued if anyone writes to say they're interested).

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