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by   Betty Lou   Gray Smith
- "This picture brings back ..."

This is the Warwick High School in 1925. The back of this postcard has a message mailed from a Warwick resident to a friend in NJ.

The message reads:

Jan. 2, 1925
Weather’s first snow over Golashes and still coming. Did you notice something on the other side? Familiar isn’t it? This is where I’d be going to school if I still were here.

The postcard was submitted by a Canadian woman named Richelle who wrote

I have never been to Warwick, I grew up in Canada and am now living in Virginia. I have a small trunk full of old letters from the 1920's that I actually bought from someone who was selling it on ebay, and this post card was with the letters. I don't know who these people are, but the post card was interesting. I hope this information helps your site. Take care. -Richelle

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... from Richelle

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Betty Lou Gray Smith -
This picture brings back a lot of memories, not that I went to school there, but I went to Hamilton Avenue just in back of it. At that time the windows were boarded up (spooky)and in one window on the basement level, the board had a knothole without the knot. Everyone would peek into it to see if we could see anything interesting. Well when we looked in, we saw an eye staring back at us and being the young kids that we were, we thought someone was in there OR it was haunted. Needless to say, someone had put a mirror on the other side! I THINK!

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