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by   Nancy   Langlitz Stanfield
- "Maybe they were going to ..."

by   Ed   Winchester
- "Seriously? senior trips? Not i"

by   Tricia   Cosgrove
- "Hi Ed, Re: the picture of the"

by   John   DeVries
- "My guess is that they were fly"

The circumstance behind this photo is a mystery. I recognize some of the faces - Bob (Butsy) Youngman in the foreground, also Bill Flood, Dick Rowe - but what are they up to? ... from Warwick Dispatch

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... from Warwick Dispatch

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Tricia Cosgrove -
Hi Ed, Re: the picture of the students on the stairs to an airplane. Ed, you were correct the students weren’t in the same class. I believe it is the spring 1961 Spanish class trip to Puerto Rico. We went to San Juan, Arecibo, and Ponce. I was on the trip, but I think I was trying to take a picture of the group. Mr. Weiner, our Spanish teacher, took the picture. Here are the names: The rows get a little confusing. First row: Chaperons- believe the one on the left was Mr. Weiner’s fiancée. Leon Morgiewicz 2nd row left Constance Krick, girl’s physical education teacher and chaperon, 2nd row right. Bill Flood 3rd Row left Andrew Bogdanski 4th Row right Donnie Bell 4th row left. This is a guess. David Horan 5th row left Raymond Lange 5th row right Ross Dietrich with a streak of white in his hair. Molly Yungman 7th row right Debbie Zirin 8th row center Lee Pinckney 8th row right Frank Green last row left This is a guess. Thomas Alexander left in front of Frank Green Leonard Gerzack last row middle William Weiss This is a guess. He is in back of Lee Pinckney. Last row right I can see his whole face, but can’t place the name. I think he had to be at least two years ahead of me. I think I have the names right, but stand to be corrected. On the trip Molly, Debbie and I were confined to our hotel rooms for a couple of nights because we had gone down to the hotel coffee shop to try some Puerto Rican coffee. The presence of sailors didn’t help the situation. Still have to find and send two other pictures of Tom. There are just too much to do in New York. Best regards, Tricia Cosgrove

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