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by   Mark   Williams
- "What I would'nt give to be ..."

by   Mark   Williams
- "I changed my email address ..."

by   Tricia   Cosgrove
- "Hi Fred, Thanks so much posti"

by   Tricia   Cosgrove
- "Hi Fred, Thanks so much posti"

by   Ed   Winchester
- "Hi Tricia, Tom was, throughou"

by     LucyP
- "Hi. I have checked your townsc"

by     BennyF
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by     JohnT
- "Hi. It's hard to find townscra"

This fine photo was sent in by Fred Wilcox. Pictured are Alex Sherman,Mark Williams and Tom Cosgrove. The picture was taken in June of 1957 at a quarry near Franklin.

Fred writes that Mark currently resides in Coudersport, PA.

The last I knew Alex and Pat were still at their beautiful home near Edenville.

Sadly Tom passed away two years ago. I read an obituary for him in the Warwick Dispatch. A short note also appeared in the Middletown Times Hearld; It read as follows:
Cosgrove, Thomas W., 59, of Marinette, Wis., died Sunday, Sept. 10, 2000, at home. Hansen-Onion-Martel Funeral Home. 715-735-3737.

Tom was quite successful and much loved by all as I remember the Dispatch piece.
At the time of his death he was the president of Badger Paper Mills, Inc., a Wisconsin company. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Tricia Cosgrove -
Hi Fred, Thanks so much posting this picture. It a great picture of all of you having so much fun. Since this is the anniversary of Tom’s death, I sent the site out to Tom's adult children. We all miss him. He was such a great father and brother. He would never get off the phone with his children without telling them that he loved them even. Was the picture taken at the quarry?

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