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by   Nancy   Langlitz Stanfield
- "Maybe they were going to ..."

by   Ed   Winchester
- "Seriously? senior trips? Not i"

by   Tricia   Cosgrove
- "Hi Ed, Re: the picture of the"

by   John   DeVries
- "My guess is that they were fly"

The circumstance behind this photo is a mystery. I recognize some of the faces - Bob (Butsy) Youngman in the foreground, also Bill Flood, Dick Rowe - but what are they up to? ... from Warwick Dispatch

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... from Warwick Dispatch

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Ed Winchester -
Seriously? senior trips? Not in our era, but perhaps later. Still I don't get this picture. Class of '60 or younger I think, but who is the guy in the front? And Bob Youngman? Yes? No? I have to now think no. Still, looks like him.

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