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by   craig   miller
- " Third from the left in ..."

by   Al   VanDerhoof
- "The guy next to Mr. Lamoreaux ..."

by   Al   VanDerhoof
- "Does anyone have a team picture ..."

by   Walt   Seely
- "I believe the 1st one in ..."

by   Ed   Winchester
- "I was 8 years old watching wit"

The 1948 Wildcats.
Row 1, L. to R. Vinnie Shuback, Turk Uzenski, E. Krajewski, Heerm Hasbrouck, R. Gancoss, John Pieterzak, Ken Space
Row 2. Charlie Carter, Bob Miller, Fred Chubb, Fred Conklin, Frank Edsel, Herbie Penaluna, B. Crover
Row 3. ?, W. (Red) Depuy, John Hawkins, Leo Grabowski, George Hart, Mansy Schuermann
Row 4. Bill Lewis, Ray Sanford, Gary Paffenroth, Norman Carr, Earl Space
Row 5 Hank Lamoreaux, ?, ? Charlie Kittner, Bob Mosher

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... from Becky Booth

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Al VanDerhoof -
The guy next to Mr. Lamoreaux was Ralph(egghead) Clark

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