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by   Liz   Feagles Brown
- "This had to be after a game ..."

Some of my happiest moments were spent in the high school gym.
      Everything happened there.
      Not only basketball games, but dances, plays, and since there was no cafeteria, lunch hours too, often found us in the gym, especially on cold or rainy days.
      After basketball games, kids hung around waiting for friends and rides. This picture captures so well one such carefree and happy moment in the WHS gym after a basketball game. In this case, I was the little kid with a camera. The gleeful subjects are: L. to R.: Myra McLure, John Winchester, Dot Schlagel,, Shirley Frey, Walt White, Liz Feagles, Gloria Ryerson, Marylin Ringrose, Jane Kintz, Judy Stidworthy, Dorothy Buss.
      Those were the days! ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Liz Feagles Brown -
This had to be after a game or during exam week as we all had on jeans rather than skirts.

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