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by   charles (chuck)   feldner
- "story about bobby thompsons ..."

by   glenn   doty
- "The history is true. Clint ..."

by   Edward   Phinney
- "I remember writing "1938" ..."

by     fred giveans
- "That was my dads station. He w"

Clint's Esso station at the corner of Orchard and Oakland.

Barry Gordon relates a story about Clint's Esso in a recent email:

    I was just telling a friend about walking downtown after school from Hamilton Avenue and stopping at Buttercup Givean's gas station to hear Russ Hodges announce Bobby Thompson's home run, "....the Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant.." and here you have a photo of exactly where I heard that (Clint's Esso). Who was Clint?

Thanks Barry for the interesting piece of history. I had forgotten the name "Buttercup." I'm guessing that was Clint. Maybe someone will tell us.

Sorry, I was a bit mixed up. Apparently "Buttercup" Giveans owned the station at the time of the Giants-Dogers playoff and it was later sold to Clint Doty, husband of Marcella Doty, a WHS English teacher. I believe that they were parents of Glen Doty, early 1950s WHS athlete and later a sports reporter for the Middletown Hearld/Record. ... from Roy Elston's Storefront Gallery

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Orange, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from glenn doty -
The history is true. Clint Doty was my dad, Marcella my mom. Clint went from farming in Sugar Loaf to the Lehigh and Hudson Transfer. When it closed he bought the station from Buttercup. As for Bobby Thomson's home run, I was in Helen Vail's gray Pontiac with girlfriend Betty when Branca gave up THE homer. Mrs. Vail was a Dodger fan; her husband was a Giant fan. I thought she was going to run us into the brook at the bandstand. It's the only time I ever saw that lovely lady lose her composure - and I think she may even have uttered some profanity, also very rare.

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