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by   Francie   Fotino-Skutnik
- "I enjoyed seeing this picture. ..."

There was a crowd of kids around Cottage Street in the early 1940s. Pictured here are the smallest of the bunch in 1944. As I remember we're pictured here standing close to what usually was third base of our main playing field, the backyard of Fotino's and Steinhardt's home. Behind us is the Grange driveway and the Scott family home.
L. to R. Betsy Collins, John Steinhardt, Francis Fotino, Ed Winchester and Frank Fotino. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s
This comment from Francie Fotino-Skutnik -
I enjoyed seeing this picture. It brought back such good memories. Yes, this was the back yard of the apartment and we spent many hours making up games. Behind us, to the left was a hugh walnut tree. We used to throw stones at it to knock down the nuts. This would never be allowed today! (its a wonder we didn't knock our eyes out!!! Francie

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